Partnering with Dant Clayton will give you the design support needed to ensure every project is a success.

Q: What types of support services does Dant Clayton provide to architects?

A: Our sales consultants and technical support team provide the highest level of support in our industry. From site planning and egress codes to engineering reviews and foundation design, we will dedicate our efforts to make sure your project design is as effective as possible. For most projects, we will provide these support services at no cost.

Q: Can Dant Clayton help even if the project is very large or very small?

A: Yes – we work on projects of all sizes, from less than 100 seats to 50,000 or more, we have a product or design solution that will fit your needs.

Q: How long will a grandstand project take to design, fabricate and construct?

A: Smaller pre-configured bleacher products can be available to ship to the jobsite in as little as 3 or 4 weeks. Larger grandstand systems typically require a 3-6 week design & submittal phase, 8-12 weeks of fabrication, and 3-6 weeks of site installation. More customized stadium structures often require longer periods.

Q: Can Dant Clayton assist in developing the proper egress calculations for my project?

A: Yes – our technical support team includes building code experts who can review or develop the necessary egress calculations based on the seating capacity and general design of your project.

Q: What is the proper sightline viewing angle for stadiums and grandstands?

A: Required viewing angles are based on individual project parameters. Typically, we recommend a 12” or 14” riser height with a 1 : 2 vertical to horizontal ratio. The type of seat will also dictate the proper dimensions, as a bench seat requires much less horizontal tread distance when compared to a chairback seat.

Q: What seating types are available?

A: We can integrate our products and systems with any type of seat available. We provide a variety of our own solutions as well, including standard bleacher bench seating with or without continuous backrests, individual chairbacks (Colosseum One) and individual seat modules (Colosseum Two). We have supplied or coordinated with every major stadium chair manufacturer in the country and can customize our system to work with any chair that you select.

Q: How can I write a public bid performance specification for grandstands?

A: Most of our projects go through a performance specification process and our sales consultants can provide full guidance. We will tailor a performance specification document custom fit to your project and review all content in as much detail as necessary. Our scope of work is typically listed in Division 13 – Specialty Construction. Sample specification language is available on this site for your review.

Q: Are any of the products supplied by Dant Clayton proprietary in nature?

A: Publicly funded projects often prohibit the specification of proprietary solutions in order to maintain competitive bidding. None of our offerings are proprietary, and every product and feature that we provide can be included in publicly funded bidding situations.

Q: What is the typical scope of work provided by Dant Clayton?

A: Our deliverables include signed and sealed engineered drawings, custom fabricated and finished structural steel, aluminum decking and grandstand systems, seating, guardrailing, stairs and ramps, modular press boxes, foundation design and construction, and many other possible ancillary elements. Our preference is to be a full turn-key provider for your project, including the engineering, supply, and installation of all materials.

Q: How can I find out what projects you have done in my area?

A: We have performed work in all 50 states in the USA as well as other international locations. The project portfolio provided on this site is a partial list only, and our sales consultants will be able to give you a more complete reference list for your review.