Bleacher Buyers

Dant Clayton offers an expansive product line and experienced team that can meet the needs of any buyer.

Q: I only need 50 seats - Do you supply small bleacher systems?

A:  Yes- our Alum-A-Stand bleacher series product line includes many smaller configurations, perfect for little league use, local parks, or other low quantity spectator needs.

Q: Why is the Alum-A-Stand system better than angle frame bleachers?

A: The Alum-A-Stand product is an all aluminum frame bleacher system that is extremely efficient to assemble. Because all major components are made of aluminum, the system is lightweight and can be easily maneuvered during installation, and the structural components will never rust. The vertical elements are heavy duty round tube shapes, providing the most effective structural support on the market.

Q: Can I install my own small bleachers?

A:  Yes – many of our smaller bleacher product lines are easily assembled at the job site with inexperienced workers. We will provide simple installation drawings from which to work.

Q: Does Dant Clayton provide indoor gymnasium bleachers?

A: No – retractable indoor gymnasiums are supplied through a different industry set of companies. While our products have been installed in indoor arenas on a regular basis, we are not a retractable bleacher manufacturer.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes – we accept major credit card payments on purchases less than $10,000.

Q: What else do you sell?

A:  Our primary business is the design, fabrication, and construction of custom permanent seating structures, including grandstands and other stadium seating. However, we also offer a range of products beyond the larger structures. The Alum-A-Stand bleacher systems can be converted into transportable units, and our Colosseum series stadium seating products are durable and cost effective. We also provide guardrailing products, egress stairs and handicap ramps, team/player bench units.

Q: I know what I want – how do I make a purchase?

A: Great!  - Please contact one of our sales consultants or submit a quote request form on the Contact page on this site.