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    Dant Clayton's First Hybrid Project Serves as a Main Attraction to the Community and Tourism Draw

    Aug 04, 2016
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    Back in 2011, Dant Clayton completed it's first Hybrid Precast Stadium System project, Oil City Stadium. Located in Whiting, IN, this baseball stadium was constructed of all concrete walking surfaces on a steel understructure, featuring vertical picket rail and Colosseum-One Classic Vented Series stadium chairs. Today, the venue serves as the centerpiece to the city's business district. 

    During the planning and construction of the stadium, Mayor Joe Stahura saw more than just a baseball field. While the town of Whiting is steeped in baseball history, he saw the venue as the catalyst for a wealth of growth opportunities for the city. From creating a great space to catch a ballgame, to freeing up parkland areas, to finding creative ways to use the venue (concerts, birthday parties, and receptions), Oil City Stadium keeps giving back to the community in which its essence reflects. 

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