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    "Dant Clayton Corporation Launches New Website"

    Sep 22, 2011


    Louisville, KY, September 22, 2011 – Dant Clayton Corporation, an outdoor stadium seating and aluminum bleacher manufacturer, launches their new website today.  The site, http://www.dantclayton.com, is designed to speak to multiple audiences, including architects, stadium owners, contractors, and bleacher buyers.

    Bruce Merrick, Chairman of Dant Clayton Corporation, says the simplified navigation process throughout the site will allow all types of visitors to quickly find information that is pertinent to their specific project needs.

    “Our client base consists of high schools, colleges, and professional sports teams, so our main goal with the new website is to provide easily accessible information for every customer, regardless of the size of their project.”

    Since 1979, Dant Clayton Corporation has been recognized as the industry’s leading innovator, introducing an array of products to the market, including a recent pre-engineered precast concrete stadium structure.  The Hybrid Precast Stadium System will be one of many products featured in the new product portfolio on the website.

    “We’re looking to increase our customers’ knowledge about the types of products we offer, while also making them aware of the types of service we can provide, such as design and engineering consulting, as well as pre-construction and installation services,” Merrick says.

    Also featured on the new site is a robust project portfolio highlighting stadiums and facilities across the United States and Canada.  With Sales Representatives located throughout the country, Dant Clayton performs work in every region.  Merrick says the company is looking to the new website as another way to expand business, in an effort to serve new customers.

    “We are continually advancing our products and services to improve the spectator experience.  The new website is the natural next step for us to take to ensure that we deliver the best service possible for our customers.”

    For more information, please contact Kelly Douglas at (502) 634-3655 ext. 357.

    ABOUT DANT CLAYTON CORPORATION: Dant Clayton Corporation is a leading manufacturer in outdoor seating systems, aluminum bleachers, stadium bleachers, and grandstands for high school, college, and professional venues. Located in Louisville, KY, the Dant Clayton campus consists of 350,000 square feet of production space, spanning 25 acres.  Since 1979, Dant Clayton has taken a consultative approach and strived to create product solutions that meet the needs of customers. This has allowed the company to stand alone as the industry’s innovative leader in stadium and bleacher manufacturing.  Dant Clayton offers the largest team of designers and engineers in the industry, providing customers with comprehensive design solutions and unmatched value-added consulting.  Dant Clayton’s goal is to find the best solution for all customers' stadium needs, ensuring each project is a success, from design to installation.

    Dant Clayton Corporation, 1500 Bernheim Lane, Louisville, KY 40210