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    Perkins High School - Sandusky, OH

    Mar 29, 2012
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    Dant Clayton was recently awarded the contract for a brand new high school football stadium in Sandusky, Ohio.  The stadium will be built at Perkins High School, and was specifically designed to offer spectators equally superior sightlines to the football field and encompassing track. 

    Our scope of work on the project will include a Steel I-Beam Grandstand, along with a Slip Resistant Welded Deck system.  The grandstand will also feature a Powder Coated steel understructure, and Powder Coated aluminum bench seating and risers.

    We will "banner-enable" the new stadium by constructing a Banner Bar system along the top of the grandstand that is equipped for signage.  Funding assistance for the stadium from local businesses in the community was so positive that Perkins High School requested to provide an area within the new facility to advertise all of the various donors.  

    Work on the grandstand is scheduled to begin in June, with an estimated completion date this August.