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    Neil Diamond Officially Opens New Notre Dame High School Baseball Stadium

    Apr 22, 2014
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    That’s what we said when Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, CA made our bleachers company a part of the team that renovated its older baseball stadium. After all, how many high school stadiums can boast having a $3 million budget for brand new features and updates?

    But the price tag wasn’t even the most amazing part. 

    When the rehabbed field (named Marine Corp Memorial Stadium) opened this past February, the list of attendees had the paparazzi running for photos (sorry in advance, Bud Selig). Musician Neil Diamond kicked off the game with a rendition of fan-favorite “Sweet Caroline. A priest blessed the field, the locker room, and each of the bases. And just one glance in the crowd revealed stars from sports, television, and Hollywood. There’s Major League Hit King Pete Rose (sorry again, Bud)! There’s seven-time All-Star Reggie Smith! And Larry King! As icing on the cake, Dennis Dugan, who directed Hollywood blockbusters such as “Happy Gilmore,” “Grown Ups,” and “Big Daddy,” was there to celebrate his part in designing the stadium and his son, who plays for the team.

    If it seems like high school baseball in Sherman Oaks is a big deal, it really is. Notre Dame’s storied baseball tradition has produced seven current major and minor league players and over 10 NCAA players. The school has such a rich baseball tradition, the renovation was financed in part from over $700,000 of anonymous donations.

    So there was no doubt whether Dant Clayton was a good fit for the project. We knew blending Notre Dame’s famous athletic tradition with our trusted bleacher tradition would result in unique greatness—and it did. This amazing stadium features seating capacity for 350 fans on our Hybrid Precast Stadium System, and the minute you see these bleachers, you’ll want to book a flight to a game. What a one-of-a-kind baseball experience!