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    Enjoy the Wildcard Race in Dant Clayton Stadium Bleachers

    Jul 31, 2014
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    With the addition of an extra Wild Card team from each league, MLB turned what used to be known as the grind of a long season into one of the most heated playoff races in sports. With teams like the Brewers and Reds locked into head-to-head series, the standings can be turned upside down in a matter of games. This is what baseball fans adore. Seeing your favorite players on your favorite teams go out and lay it all on-the-line during that final push to the postseason is what the game is all about.

    What better way to enjoy the drama of the playoff race than being arm’s length from action. The feeling of experiencing the game winning run for your hometown team on a beautiful summer day is a memory that will be carried around long after the score is taken from the board. Busch Stadium in St. Louis and Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati allow you to step into the game and witness the history of the 2014 Wild Card chase the way you always dreamed. Nobody can bring you this unique spectacle quite like the experts at DANT Clayton.

    So the lines are drawn, it is looking to be a battle to the last game of the season between Cardinals and Reds for the last Wild Card spots in the National League. As a lover of the sport, one must be excited about this matchup. Not only because of the rich history and avid fan base of both teams, but also for the ballparks we are lucky enough to view them in.

    The Great American Ball Park is located in Cincinnati, which has been long known as a staple in baseball lore. It has housed arguably some of the greatest players and teams ever to take the diamond. As of 2003, the home of the Reds took a huge step in taking that fan experience to the next level. DANT Clayton, trusted bleacher brand, installed outfield bleachers that have become a second home for balls off the bat of Reds’ home run leader, Todd Frazier. The anodized aluminum bench seating enables fans to take in the game like never before. With the Reds sitting only a few games back of a Wild Card spot, there is no better place to sit back, enjoy the summer air, and wait for returning Joey Votto to plant a base clearing homer in your lap.

    When baseball junkies talk about stadiums, one of the first names that come up is Busch Stadium, located in St. Louis, MO. More than just a stadium, it’s home to what many consider the most historic franchise in baseball. It is a rite of passage for baseball fans to visit the Mecca that is Busch Stadium. Even though Busch Stadium ranks among the best of the MLB, the organization decided to team up with DANT Clayton in 2006 to expand its outfield bleachers to support an even greater fan experience. With the addition of new aluminum seats and powder coated aluminum backrest, Busch Stadium and DANT Clayton came together to set the bar in the America’s favorite pastime. St. Louis is sitting just a few games back in the NL Central and is currently placed themselves in a Wild Card spot. Amidst a cool summer night in St. Louis, there is no better way to cheer on All-Star pitcher, Adam Wainwright, than in the high quality bleachers supplied by DANT Clayton.

    Since 1979, DANT Clayton has firmly established itself as a bleachers tradition. From the very beginning, we have made a commitment to innovation through our 4 C’s (Cooperation, Collaboration, Competence, and Coordination) that set our company apart. Whether it is functional improvements like welded deck systems, or the smallest details like one piece molded chairs to increase comfort, DANT Clayton has become one of the most trusted bleacher providers in the game. Whether it is a mega arena like Busch Stadium or the home of the local high school football team, DANT Clayton can be your stadium bleacher provider. For the best bleachers and bleacher company, look no farther than DANT Clayton. Our team has helped famed organizations like the Cardinals and Reds take their spectators’ experience to the next level, let us see what we can do for you.