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    Tri-State Rodeo in Fort Madison, IA

    Sep 09, 2014
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    Tri-State Rodeo in Fort Madison, IA recently hosted a non-stop four days of rodeo action. However, this 67th year of the event featured more than the nation’s top cowboys and musical acts, but also a newly expanded VIP seating area complements of Dant Clayton. Our portion of the project included a 12 row x 120' elevated I-Beam Grandstand, featuring our Welded Deck System, black vinyl chain link fence, riser closure, and a custom roof structure.

    The renovation allows the venue to accommodate additional spectators, at improved sight lines, with a fixed stage for entertainment purposes. In the design of this project, Dant Clayton had to step outside traditional elements to accommodate the owners need for suites, bathrooms at suite level, and a timer room (indicative to rodeo venues). The structure created had to allow for the use of commercial building interior finishes to yield the owner’s desired outcome. In addition, a front fascia structure was designed for the attachment of banners and signage to the bottom of the front roof line.

    Along with non-traditional design components, this project also called for some atypical materials to be used. For starters, the rear columns had to be larger than normal due to the large loadings from the roof structure, and the roof structure is also different from those done in the past. Partnering with Metal Sales (as they provided the enclosing material), the roof was constructed with steel banding to support the extra weight of the panels. Work on the exteriors wall was also done in conjunction with Metal Sales.

    With all the challenges of interesting design elements, atypical materials, and playing such an active role in overall construction, the finished project is one to be proud of. Being able to overcome these obstacles really speaks to the talent of our team here at Dant Clayton.

    Be sure to check out Tri-State Rodeo in our project portfolio for additional information and pictures of the grandstand.

    For more information on this venue, check out the Tri-State Rodeo website for photos of Ready to Rodeo Week and future events www.tristaterodeo.org.