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    Back to School Sports: Get a Sitting Ovation

    Sep 16, 2014
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    For high school students across the country, the end of summer marks the start of a new school year: New teachers, new challenges and for student-athletes, a new season. Whether you are a player, a coach, a parent or a fan, the beginning of the high school sports season is an exciting time filled with hope and high expectations.

    Although most teams will be judged based on wins and losses, the importance of high school sports goes beyond records and championships. High school sports bring together communities in both small, rural towns and sprawling, major cities and help create a sense of unwavering school pride among those performing on the field and those watching from the bleachers.

    Perhaps most importantly, high school sports help shape the lives of all those involved. Dreams are born and life lessons are learned on high school fields, courses and courts all over the world. For high school athletes, sports provide structure, discipline and opportunities for a brighter future. For coaches, they provide a means to teach, guide and share their passion with others. And for fans, high school sports provide an escape, an emotional outlet and a chance to re-live and reminisce about playing days gone by.

    Inside every high school stadium and gym are individuals who have a deep love for sports and respect for storied traditions. At Dant Clayton, we share this love for sports and have built a special tradition of our own. We take great pride in our high school projects and are especially proud to have designed and installed the seating for Trinity High School’s stadium that opened in 2006. The Shamrocks have continued their illustrious sports tradition equipped with durable bleachers that maintain functionality and structural integrity over many seasons.

    Since 1979, Dant Clayton has elevated the experiences of fans of high school sports around the country and today is considered the most trusted bleacher company in the industry. Through our commitment to innovation and excellence, we have revolutionized stadium seating for spectators and have built a strong tradition unmatched by any other bleacher company in the marketplace. From small parks and high school fields to professional stadiums, like Busch Stadium and ballparks, like Great American Ballpark, Dant Clayton has the expertise and products to meet every client’s needs.

    We’d love to help take your school's project to the next level and give your fans something they never thought they’d cheer about. Find out more about our bleachers here