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    Football Season is in Full Swing

    Sep 24, 2014
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    After a long offseason, the high school football season kicks off on fields across America. For the past several weeks, student athletes have practiced and conditioned in preparation for the exciting season ahead. Coaches have been preparing too, studying films of games passed and upcoming opponents and pushing their players at practice.

    Now, with the summer workouts behind them, teams will take the field in front of their family, friends, classmates and supporters who love their hometown football team.

    The clashing of helmets and cheers from the stands fill the fall Friday night air at local high school stadiums across the nation. Under the Friday night lights, two teams stick and move like two heavyweight boxers. With their backs up against the ropes, the hometown team plays to the cheers of the fans in their corner.

    For four quarters, the fight continues until the clock runs out and the final whistle blows. In the end, only one team stands strong. Raising their hands in the air, the hometown team turns to face the crowd while fans applaud their champion.

    Like the most passionate people in the stands, Dant Clayton loves high school football. Over the past 35 years, we’ve worked with many high schools, including Southview High School in Sylvania, Ohio, to install new bleachers or stadium grandstands. These schools know the difference it makes to improve their viewing experience for their football fans. Completed this year, the project at Southview High School features a steel I-beam grandstand, powder coated aluminum risers and steel understructure, a slip and stain resistant welded deck system and a black vinyl chain link fencing.

    Since 1979, Dant Clayton, the industry leader in stadium systems and bleachers, has remained committed to innovation and excellence. The trusted bleacher company has continued a tradition of not only meeting, but exceeding the needs and expectations of both its clients and their customers by creating products that improve the overall spectator experience.

    So when you climb up into those bleachers for your first game of the season – ask yourself, is your cheering section due for a little something new? We think maybe so. Good luck to all our teams this year!