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    Big League Baseball Postseason Buzz

    Oct 17, 2014
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    The great American pastime postseason is heating up as the Royals clinch their league title with an exciting win over the Orioles. A hard-fought 162-game season with 30 teams has lead up to this, and now, just three teams remain: the Giants, the Royals, and the Cardinals (Go Cardinals!). There’s a lot on the line — reputation, bragging rights, history — and it’s win or go home.

    For nine innings, diehard fans fill the stands under the bright stadium lights to rally around their team. The sense of excitement is electric as fans wait for that coveted sound: the cracking of the home team’s bat for a homerun to win the game.

    Players, coaches, and fans alike have been waiting (some for decades) for their team to claim the league pennant and represent their town in the big game. With only a handful of games left in the postseason and the league title up for grabs, one play can mean the difference between second place and the world champion title.

    Like the passionate fans in the stands, Dant Clayton loves big league baseball. We’ve worked with many professional baseball organizations — including the St. Louis Cardinals — to install new bleachers and stadium grandstands. Professional baseball teams know quality seating makes the difference in improving their fans’ viewing experience. The project at Busch Stadium features outfield bleachers with anodized aluminum bench seating and powder coated aluminum bleacher backrests.

    Dant Clayton has been the leader in professional stadium systems and bleachers since 1979, and we remain committed to industry innovation and excellence. Our dedication to customer satisfaction has allowed us to transform stadium seating and provide an unrivaled fan experience, a standard that is unsurpassed by any other bleacher company in the marketplace.

    So when you’re in the stands cheering on your favorite major league team this postseason, take a moment to enjoy the view. That alone is something worth cheering about.

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