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    Kentucky Rivalry Set to Heat up on Dant Bleachers

    Nov 17, 2014
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    What, more than anything else, fuels the rush of a glorious win? What keeps the season’s schedule interesting? What brings two people across the world together in an instant? Team rivalry. Across all levels of competition – high school to professional – rivalry brings out fan loyalty and emotion unlike anything else. It’s the competitive camaraderie that brings fans from all over together and makes a victory over that one team so much sweeter than all the rest.

    There have been many great rivalries in nearly every sport at every level. From the Yankees-Red Sox to the Packers-Bears to the Lakers-Celtics, some of the best rivalries in sports have carried on for decades. Regardless of records, a game between two rivals will often make or break a team’s entire season. A win can swing a team’s momentum, springboard them into the playoffs, and give the fans an entire offseason of bragging rights. A loss can destroy a team’s confidence, end their dreams of winning a championship and stifle fan support.

    In the state of Kentucky, there’s no greater rivalry than the one between the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky. Whether on the gridiron or on the court, the “Battle of the Bluegrass” is one of the fiercest and most heated rivalries in all of college sports. In the last decade, rivalry has heated up to an all-time boil as veteran coaches switched allegiances and new coaches have taken over to shake things up.

    Next weekend, it will be football’s turn to take center stage in the Commonwealth. The Wildcats from UK are set to travel over to Louisville where they’ll take on the Cardinals at one of Dant’s greatest accomplishments, Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. The game is sure to be the talk of the state in the coming weeks – and will win attention from national media too! No matter which school you support, the stand off is guaranteed to be exciting. And, of course, it will give fans on both sides plenty to talk about until their next match-up on the hardwood later this year.

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