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    Goal! Lacrosse is Taking Over as a Popular Spring Sport

    Mar 18, 2015
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    In high schools, colleges and universities across the country, lacrosse is quickly becoming the spring sport of choice for many young men and women. A fun, fast, and at times, physical game, lacrosse has become a popular alternative to slower-paced spring sports such as softball and baseball. While the spike in interest in the game has been relatively recent, believe it or not, the birth of modern day lacrosse dates back to the 17th century.

    One of the oldest team sports in North America, lacrosse hails from – or is at least similar to – games played by various Native American tribes throughout modern Canada and around the Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic seaboard, and southern parts of what is now the United States. Games at that time could last for several days and draw up to 1,000 men from opposing villages or tribes.

    These games were held for many different reasons, including settling inter-tribal disputes or bets, combat training, religious reasons or just for fun. Unlike the rubber ball and metal crosses used today, the equipment of the time was a wood or deerskin ball stuffed with hair and a wooden stick.

    In the 1630’s, French Jesuit missionaries stumbled upon the game and gave it its modern name. Although the Jesuits were opposed to the sport, other European colonists fell in love with this new game, “lacrosse.”

    In 1856, a Canadian dentist founded the Montreal Lacrosse Club and modernized the game. A redesigned stick and rubber ball became the new standard, the number of players and length of games were reduced, and lacrosse as we know it today was officially born.

    Today, nearly 750,000 players participate in lacrosse on organized teams in the United States alone, including 400,000 at the youth level. Once an Olympic game, lacrosse now has two professional leagues and is the fastest-growing team sport among the National Federation of State High School Association member schools.

    In addition to participation numbers, the sport has also gained quite a bit of exposure in recent years. From ESPN and the CBS Sports Network to various magazines and internet sites, media outlets across the country are covering the sport from the youth to professional levels. With this kind of momentum, it’s hard to see the sport’s growth slowing down anytime soon.

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