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    From Bringing Customers' Stadium Visions to Life, to Making Moves on the Softball Field...It's all in a Day's Work for the DC Strikers!

    Jun 06, 2016
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    It’s a warm sunny Sunday afternoon in Dant Clayton’s headquarter city of Louisville, KY and the DC Strikers have just taken the field for the first game of the playoffs. Today, instead of building, designing, and selling bleachers, Dant employees (family and friends) find themselves on the field right in the middle of the action. 

    Since 2012, Dant Clayton has participated in the Camp Taylor Recreational Co-Ed Softball League, a Louisville-based group with multiple teams that play every Sunday afternoon. This season, the Strikers went 5-2 (one loss the result of a forfeit on Mothers’ Day), and hold the record as the best defensive team in the league. Allowing only 34 runs by their opponents.

    The first game of the playoffs, against rival team The O’Doul’s, started off with a run heavy first inning, but the team’s lucky quickly turned as stormy as the clouds that threatened to rain down on the field, and the Strikers fell behind 6-2. However, a team rally, some aggressive base running, and in the park home run by Left Center Fielder, Jared Hinton, in the 3rd inning turned the tide resulting in a 9-7 win. Securing the DC Strikers a spot in week two of the playoffs. 

    The team’s next game is scheduled for Sunday, June 12th at 3:00 PM EST. If in the area, head on over to the ball field and cheer them on.

    2016 DC Strikers Roster:

    Front Row:
    Jessica Turner - Catcher/Right Fielder, Amanda Lewis – 2nd Base, Kelly Kimball – Right Fielder, Kyle McGill – Substitute

    Back Row:
    Jared Hinton – Left Center Field / Pitcher, Charles Thomas – Short Stop, Kyle Spurgeon - Right Center Field, Jamie Richardson - Left Fielder, Brad Loyall - 3rd Base, Jay Albright – 3rd Base / Right Center Fielder

    Not Pictured:

    Sarah Lewis – Catcher, Justine Wilson – 1st Base, Eric Goss – Pitcher, Ylonda Davis - Substitute 

    Wishing the Strikers all the best as they advance in the tournament!