Dant Clayton’s processes will ensure
that all specified requirements are met
and your project is completed on time.

Q: What type of pre-construction and budgeting support does Dant Clayton provide?

A: Dant Clayton has the most robust project cost estimating system in the industry. We estimate our costs down to the individual part level, and have hundreds of prior projects to draw from. From early conceptual estimating through the design development phase, we can help you understand what to expect and how pre-construction decisions will impact the project cost and schedule.

Q: What is the typical scope of work provided by Dant Clayton?

A: Our deliverables include signed and sealed engineered drawings, custom fabricated and finished structural steel, aluminum decking and grandstand systems, stadium seating, guardrailing, stairs and ramps, modular press boxes, foundation design and construction, and many other possible ancillary elements. Our preference is to be a full turn-key provider for your project, including the engineering, supply, and installation of all materials.

Q: How long will a grandstand project take to design, fabricate and construct?

A: Smaller pre-configured bleacher products can be available to ship to the jobsite in as little as 3 or 4 weeks. Larger grandstand systems typically require a 3-6 week design & submittal phase, 8-12 weeks of fabrication, and 3-6 weeks of site installation. More customized stadium structures often require longer periods. The proper design collaboration and coordination with the architect and engineer is critical.

Q: I have a project that I would like to have quoted by Dant Clayton. How do I send an invitation to bid to bid?

A: Please contact one of our sales consultants or submit a quote request form on the Contact page on this site.

Q: Aren’t all bleacher companies the same?

A: No – every bleacher company has a different approach to the market and supplies varying types of products, product features, and product details. Dant Clayton prefers a consultative selling approach, seeking to understand the needs of our customers and developing solutions suited to each specific stadium project. We have introduced almost every major new product to the stadium and bleacher industry over the last 30 years and provide an unmatched level of quality in our products, our design support, and our on-site construction. We complete on a national basis and have the strongest reputation in the industry for successfully completed projects.

Q: Do you self-perform installation work?

A: We are usually contracted to both supply and install our products. This often includes both traditional steel erection and specialized installation of other types of stadium components. We work with a network of regional and national sub-contractors who have had experience with our projects, and are happy to coordinate with local construction unions where applicable.