The Dant Clayton Long Span Aluminum Stadia system is the lightest and most durable stadium riser package available today.

Weighing less than 25% of comparable precast concrete riser units, the Long Span Aluminum system generates simplicity and cost savings within any stadium or arena structure. Structural aluminum is proven to be a durable material and requires much less maintenance costs as compared to other systems.

Engineered to rigid deflection and vibration standards, these tread and riser units provide the same solid feel as traditional concrete, and with the optional injection of sound deadening infill, the Long Span Aluminum system can be provided to meet any sound performance expectation, loud or quiet.

A sleek, clean, and modern look from all sides helps this system to stand out aesthetically, providing for new design opportunities not typically considered with concrete or other systems.

Cost effective design choices can be made with the material finish, drainage plan, trim package, edge and joint conditions, sound performance, and tread dimensions that aren’t available with any other type of stadia system.

The Dant Clayton Long Span Aluminum Stadia system is effective as a stand-alone riser unit on any type of structural system, or in tandem with the rest of the Dant Clayton offerings.

See this product installed at the USTA National Tennis Center.

* U.S. Patent No. 9,366,018