Taking service beyond installation, Dant Clayton offers a robust Inspection and Maintenance program to help keep your facility game day ready. 

Qualified Inspection 

Per section 501.2 of the ICC 300-207, all tiered seating must be inspected annually by a qualified entity to confirm safety and compliance. Our team of certified inspectors have a long history in the bleacher industry and are ready to partner with you to ensure your venue is in top shape season after season. 

What's Included in Our Inspections 

Our inspections cover a thorough analysis and visual review of structural components, foot boards, seat boards, egress, handrails, ADA seating sections and more. You'll be provided with a full report outlining any safety issues, maintenance requirements and any significant functional or aesthetics updates.

But our service don't stop there. Once updates are agreed upon, we are also capable of providing the necessary material and qualified labor to address any identified issues. 

Click here for a more detailed view of what our Inspections & Maintenance program covers.

Upgrade Options

Looking to upgrade certain aspects of your venue? Perhaps adding drink rails, front skirting, or incorporating school spirit with some colored risers, our Inspection & Maintenance team can also assist you with determining some cost-effective upgrades that are sure to please. 

If you would like to schedule an inspection, please contact us. 

Potential Renovation:

Check out how this existing bleacher was saved by making it significantly safer, ADA accessible and much more attractive. All while reducing annual maintenance costs. 

Before Grandstand

After Grandstand