Stadium Owners

Your dedicated Dant Clayton team will
provide you with the professional care
and experience to assure that the project
will fulfill your unique needs.

Q: How much will my stadium or grandstand project cost?

A: Only after an initial dialogue with our sales consultants can we forecast project costs. Our stadium products and seating solutions may range from well under $100 per seat to $500 to $1,000 per seat or more, depending on a variety of factors and scope of work definition. Most of our business is between $100 per seat and $500 per seat.

Q: How long will a grandstand project take to design, fabricate and construct?

A: Typical grandstand systems require a 3-6 week design & submittal phase, 8-12 weeks of fabrication, and 3-6 weeks of site installation. More customized stadium structures often require longer periods. The proper design collaboration and coordination with the architect and engineer is critical.

Q: How do the Dant Clayton systems compare to traditional concrete stadiums?

A: Grandstands have come a long way over the last 30 years, and today, even the top level professional stadiums are often incorporating steel and aluminum into the design. With the variety of finishes, features, and design flexibility, we can provide a true major league stadium experience. Aluminum grandstands are just as safe, aesthetically pleasing, and structurally sound as the more traditional concrete stadium riser design, but come at a price tag that is much more attractive.

Q: Can your products and services help me generate additional revenue within my stadium?

A: Yes – this can be done in many ways. Possibilities include varying the seat types and ticket price points, or a VIP seating area with chairback stadium seats surrounded by less expensive bleacher seating. We also can help design and construct premium suites, box seats, a private club level, or loge areas. Providing advertising space is also a great method to generate revenue, and with our Banner Rail product and other vertical space availability, attracting marketers with our structures is simple. Our sales consultants are not simply stadium experts, they are also business experts.

Q: Can Dant Clayton customize the products and design solutions to my needs?

A: Yes – every project and every project site is different. Most of our products are fully configurable and can meet any functional or site requirement, as our primary business is the design, fabrication, and construction of permanent seating structures of all types. Our sales consultants will first understand the specific needs that you have, and then work with our technical support team to devise a solution to meet those needs.

Q: My project is important to my local community - how can I make my community proud?

A: Delivering a final project on time and on budget is critical; these two items should always be priorities. Additionally, the aesthetics, safety, and functionality of the seating structure need to be considered if the project is to exceed the expectations of the future spectators. Dant Clayton can provide a colorful array of product choices to address all of these items.